• How to use AI in Magento to increase your sales

    By 21 February, 2024 0 Comments
  • Why You Should Move to Magento 2

    By Indian Magento Experts 5 September, 2016 0 Comments
  • 15 Life Hacks to Improve Magento Store Security

    By Indian Magento Experts 16 August, 2016 0 Comments

    The information in the form of article will help to those who want to make your Magento Store secure. As it appears to be that there there are 15 life hacks to improve Magento Store. If you religiously follow those safe methods, it will certainly remove your worry in regard of your personal data and business.

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  • 7 Magento Performance Optimization Tips

    By Indian Magento Experts 7 August, 2016 0 Comments

    Very often we have a complain for the Magento Optimization problems by merchants.

    Some of the tips are given here to overcome this mentioned problems.

    Before we go directly into the solutions,let us go back a little to the backdrop of the problems.

    Off and on the thought come creeping into the minds of merchants that why page speed of high-end platform is painfully slow

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  • Basic SEO checklist for Magento

    By Indian Magento Experts 19 April, 2016 0 Comments

    SEO is very important aspect in Magento Store. Efforts are to continuously improve the SEO. The Google platform and other search engines like Yahoo,Binge are designed to be one page search engine friendly by design. You do not have to do much as lone as you maintain the proper rules. Some of the common missteps are often occurred in your website.

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  • Top 10 reasons why people leave your website

    By Indian Magento Experts 12 February, 2016 0 Comments

    Imagine just 59 seconds. That is precise the time that you capture the visitors attention before they leave your site. In accordance to the research conducted by Nielsen Norman Group opines that on an average people tend to surf the website less than a minute.

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  • Robots.Txt for Magento: Do it right

    By Indian Magento Experts 5 February, 2016 0 Comments

    A file called ROBOTs.TXt is by default present in your Magento based E-commerce. The importance of having this file in your site is to prevent search engines for indexing. This may happen, particularly, at the development stage when you do not have prices, products and services. As a result your site do not appear in top search engine results. The process of setting and fixing it is very simple through the Magento Admin Panel options.

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  • Discover What Buyers Want

    By Indian Magento Experts 22 January, 2016 0 Comments

    It is a prevalent fact that customers are looking for a discount. On the contrary,we believe that it will be a better bait of hiking your price while providing better service and more relevant options for the customers.

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  • Pros and cons of SSL implementation for Magento

    By Indian Magento Experts 15 January, 2016 0 Comments

    In regard of doing online business it is absolutely imperative to invest on security. If this measure is not taken care of, the customers will fall prey to threats. Despite the fact that you are not offering goods and services, security matters most. The most talked about boon in regard of SSL-encrypted HTTPS connection happened after Google announced SSL(Secure Socket Layer) implementation. Immediately this becomes defacto in the world of security.

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  • Why Migrate To Magento 2.0

    By Indian Magento Experts 8 January, 2016 0 Comments

    Since the inception of Magento 1.x,Magento users are longing for more advanced technologies,better customization, higher performance and scalability. Ought Magento 2.0 to provide that improvements that users are striving for changes.

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