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Magento escalates Ecommerce sales 3x Faster

Join the rapidly expanding Ecommerce Merchants On Magento

Just read ahead what the stalwarts of eCommerce have to say about Magento. In accordance with the Internet Retailer's 2016 report, it reveals that Magento merchants sales growth is 3x faster than IR's Top 1000 ecommerce merchants on average. You can find hardly other ecommerce solutions provide awesome speed of sales growth.

As it is significant sales growth over the years have prompted IR's Top 1000 Magento merchants to bade farewell to other platform and joined with us. Hence we can aptly say that Magento reigns supreme in the realm of eCommerce platform.

Magento escalates eCommerce sales

eBay Inc. is an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company, providing consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales services via the Internet and . Since Magento is a part of Ebay, so does the power of Magento in eCommerce business. You cannot draw the attention of internet giant mentioned above, unless you have a high quality of product.

What might be the reason for phenomenon success of Magento for best eCommerce platform on the market today?

Ironically the features of Magento is not just rich but has to be loaded. There are number of out of box features that ought to have in eCommerce without which no merchant exists. Moreover you may have extensibility. This means that we provide help to you in regard of adding any feature or integration which does not present in your website. In order to do that you need type of customization

Why Indian Magento Experts ? The reason is quite obvious as we follow right strategy and sans of chaos free code which is key ingredients for eCommerce success.

Our digital agency has been instrumental for making sleek and engaging on-brand ecommerce websites with the help of Magento platform since its inception. Indian Magento Experts is in league in terms of Magento expertise with Magento development India.You can get number of benefits working with us:

  • Development costs are low and along with high quality skills
  • Equip with latest infrastructure and high tech equipments
  • SEO optimized design & development to get more business
  • Take help of our finest skill sets and business acumen
  • Seamless integration of your services with ours
  • Capitalize of affordable resource of our highly qualified developer team
Magento customization

Our dedicate team is fully committed to designing and developing world-class Magento website, Magento customization and are quite adept at developing Magento custom module in accordance with industry best practice. We have been helping many top notch brands over the years. We would love to talk to you in regard of helping and what extent we can contribute to your ecommerce venture irrespective of it’s design, development or marketing. You can source dedicated resources in the form of hire Magento developer structure from us

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