Magento Mobile App Development

M-Commerce is growing at a rapid pace with the onset of smartphones. Nowadays people prefer shopping online on their mobile phones due to convenience and easy accessibility. Our Magento Mobile services can uplift your magento store to a mobile platform and thereby increase the customer base. We provide the best Magento mobile app developmentĀ for businesses by creating customized apps. Our solutions provide a seamless integration of existing Magento web shops, allowing business owners to take advantage of the mobile channel. The process of creating custom made mobile apps for your business requirements is successfully monitored by our Magento Android app developer.

Benefits of our Magento Mobile Services

  • Quick and easy to set up with ease of operation.
  • Magento Web Shop Integration: Import your products, prices, descriptions etc. The status of all the orders will be visible to your customers on the app.
  • Order Synchronization: Orders placed in the app are like any normal order because they are automatically forwarded to the web shop.
  • Payment Integration: There is no need for a separate merchant account. The payments will be handled by your existing payment service provider
  • Two-way Customer Account Synchronization: Customers can use the same login for your website as well as for your app
  • Coupon Function Feature: Customers can use coupon codes during the checkout process in the app.
  • Operational in all mobile devices and platforms like iPhones, iPads, Android devices etc.
  • M commerce marketing features like barcode, scanner, push messages and integrated mobile coupons are available.
  • User friendly interface for your mobile customers.

Our Magento mobile services can help you achieve greater success with your online ventures whether it is designing a new store or integrating your existing store to a mobile platform.

Boosting your Ecommerce business to new heights!

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