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Magento Search Engine Optimization for Online Store

We at Indian Magento Experts have ample expertise in Search Engine Optimization.

Magento Search Engine Optimization For Online Store
Site structuring

We assist you to structure your site so that it is easy for the SEO to navigate it.

Magento SEO services

Our team will install all the necessary plugins and train your team to operate it.

Keyword Research and Optimization

We develop a strategy for relevant keywords to increase rankings for long as well as short keywords. This ensures that you do not need to pay for paid keyword advertising campaigns like Google AdWords.

Setting up Magento for SEO

Keyword Research is an important part of this process and will guarantee results.

Our setup package includes
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster integration
  • Site configuration to ensure that search engines trawl relevant content
  • Creation of Google sitemaps, integrated with Webmaster tools
Setting up Magento for SEO
Establishment of Canonical URL link element

It is preset for Magento to create myriad URLs per product-one for the main product page and subsequently additional URL is required for each category which belongs to it. This poses problem for search engine because of its redundancy. We will fix this problem by choosing one of the most effective URL product as a preferred URL for search engine purpose. This method will increase page ranking for the most relevant pages.

Magento Google Merchant feed

In order to position your products in Google Merchant Center, so that it can termed as #1 Sales Channel in Google shopping, we propagate possible relevant data in a most effective and efficient way. We not only feed “Passing” but also provide custom modules that will spearhead the effect of Google shopping results.

Boosting your Ecommerce business to new heights!

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