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Downgrading Magento Enterprise to Community edition

Downgrading Magento is a complicated process which requires special technical knowledge and experience. We are downgrade experts and we can complete your Magento downgrade quickly, securely and with minimum downtime.

The Magento Enterprise edition is all encompassing and is great for your Ecommerce website, however it has certain drawbacks. These can be rectified by downgrading Magento enterprise to community edition. The community edition is cost effective and secure. We at Indian Magento Experts provide technical assistance with your website security and ensure a smooth transition for your website functionality from enterprise to community.

The transition process implemented by our company involves several steps and they are:

Initial Analysis

  • Identification and documentation of any custom modifications/ changes that are there in the EE version and if they can be emulated in the CE version.
  • The extensions installed are listed and available CE versions of these are checked.
  • For CE version migration, another web hosting account has to be created. It is advisable not to distribute all the original EE installations unless clients are sure whether they want to migrate to the CE version and replace the EE version.


Theme Migration

  • Template Integration (HTML) – Copy the enterprise edition template to community edition.
  • Skin Integration (CSS) -Copy enterprise edition skin(CSS) to community edition.
  • Assign new theme to Magento Front end store.
  • Integrate local code in template.

Database Migration

  • Export product data to CSV format.
  • Create products attribute set, attribute groups and attributes as per enterprise edition.
  • To assign images to products, put images into /media/import folder and change images path in csv relative to /media/import folder.
  • Import the product data from CSV file (increase import file size).

We install new third party extensions in the CE version and continue to migrate all the extensions used even after setting up the new Magento Community Edition store to ensure that it is up to date.

Other issues

  • If the enterprise version of the customer login template doesn’t work, then; Form validation method in the new community version (i.e.190) wherein the community version base template is used instead of the EE version.
  • The process of data import is important, customer and product data is exported from enterprise version to the community version.
  • URL redirect management is available in the community version unlike the enterprise version.
  • The process of Index management is manual in the community version.


  • Speed of migration can be a limiting factor as the Community version isn’t as fast as the Magento enterprise version, however this can be corrected by using memcached and varnish in the Magento Community Edition.

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