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How to use AI in Magento to increase your sales

  • By 21 February, 2024 0 Comments
    Are you not getting the desired sales from your Magento eCommerce store, despite making your best efforts? Well, eCommerce stores are no more just about creating an interactive and appealing website and stocking it up with a large volume of inventory. Today, it’s all about integrating modern-day technology – Artificial Intelligence that can make the magic happen for your sales graph’s upward trajectory. Now while Artificial Intelligence has become a crucial part of our daily lives, we still take the technology straight from sci-fi movies – where intelligent robots are able to overdo humans in all aspects. Well, while there may still be time for the rise of sentinel machines, however, AI certainly got the powers to transform the way we interact with the world. if you have previous shopping experience with Amazon, you must have been amazed by how the platform is able to give you highly relatable recommendations for products based on your preference. Or if you have used personal assistants like Siri or Alexa, you must have wondered how these are able to accurately understand and respond to your queries. Well, artificial technology runs the show behind all these technological marvels. According to the statistics, the global AI market is expected to hit USD 23 billion in the next five years. It has already penetrated deep into various legacy fields and eCommerce is no exception. Artificial Intelligence with its capabilities is altering the way eCommerce stores work. It offers eCommerce stores with unique capabilities to expand their footprint in the target market and squeeze more profits by making customers buy from them. When it comes to eCommerce stores, Magento is definitely one of the most powerful and highly popular web development platforms used by millions of websites. The platform brings in various features and functionalities including some powerful AI extensions for an eCommerce store to improve their ROIs. Irrespective of the size of your Magento store, AI extensions can help you implement winning strategies to boost your sales graph upward.