Magento Enterprise B2B Solution

Offer a Unique and Efficient Set of Services to Your Business Partners.

In a functioning business there are certain business deals that have to be conducted at a regular basis. This may involve working with distributors and resellers, negotiating with price etc. Customers may also have specific requirements regarding unique payment method, tax needs and shipping terms. Ecommerce customization for Business to Business Solutions(B2B) is the key for all the above requirements. Indian Magento Experts have ample experience of capitalizing on Magento Enterprise platform for Ecommerce Business.

We have the necessary technical expertise and business acumen to help you define and offer best solutions for your online growth in the form of B2B model.

B2B Solutions

Negotiated and Contract Pricing

In many Ecommerce sites there are some pricing rules which allow you to establish list pricing and promotional pricing which hinges on coupons or discount codes. Furthermore, custom groups are created where blanket rules are implemented like for example “Every customer in group A gets 10% discounted list price.” Here an error is evident in the B2B model, when you have a negotiated list of customers wherein each customer has its own set of rules. Indian Magento Experts have the necessary experience to implement more complex and detailed pricing by incorporating the advantages of Magento Enterprise Solution.

Grouped User Accounts and Credit Lines

A series of questions may arise regarding customers in the context of permission based buying and they are:

Permission Based Buying
  • Do your customers have more than one buyer?
  • Do they purchase against the same shared credit line?
  • Do they need to view and manage a combined order history and not just their own personal items?
  • Do they need the ability to grant and remove these privileges on their own to reduce service calls to your customer service or sales teams?

Indian Magento Experts can resolve all these issues by customizing your Magento instantly and allowing all the elements to be activated for B2B customers.

Dimensional Shipping and Freight Based Shipping

B2C Magento Ecommerce have inbuilt tie-ups FedEx,UPS,DHL,and USPS.

This is not the case with B2B where the size factors are very important and therefore you need to have very sophisticated shipping tools like dimensional shipping, freight based shipping or inclusion of drop ship. Indian Magento Experts possess the expertise to use and implement these features for your Magento Enterprise site.

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