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Top 10 reasons why people leave your website

  • By Indian Magento Experts 12 February, 2016 0 Comments

    Imagine just 59 seconds. That is precise the time that you capture the visitors attention before they leave your site. In accordance to the research conducted by Nielsen Norman Group opines that on an average people tend to surf the website less than a minute. The dilemma is why people leave the website. After delving deep into this matter,We try to unearth the possible reason given below:

    • Outdated Design: The adage goes “Never judge a book by its cover”. It is,however, majority of the people follow this while browsing your website. In accordance with the Dr Elizabeth Silence opines that 94% of the people who leave the website due its shabby look. if you ignore the website look for quite some time, time is rife to look into the look of the website.

      Responsive website,perhaps one of the important factors is also responsible to attract the people into your site. Since many people use mobile for online shopping,lack of optimization in website for mobile device is another reason for people leaving your the website.

    • Issues with content: Content is important in regard of attracting people into your Website. Reverse is also true in case where content is bad that drives people away from your website. Font is one of the culprits that bar inflate your traffic. Never use Comic Sans anywhere in your text. Instead you may use sans serif with high-contrast color combinations. It was observed that 80% of small B2B websites failed to increase traffic flow due to non-availability of call-to-action. To ensure that users are guided all the way to target option by placing all the related CTA button. Fail to follow this will incur huge lose. In order to give new flavor to the content, enrich it with new inputs like videos,slideshows, infografics, blog posts,podcaste and many more. User generated content has its own merit. This approach is appreciated by many buyers. It is the step towards encouraging the customers to share their experience through comments and photo uploads to built loyalty. Reciprocate with incentives to return to your store.
    • Annoying Ads: There are certain websites whose solo income comes from advertising. Placing the ads indiscreetly in the website is not at all the good practice. Nielsen’s 2014 Trust in advertising does not believe that online banner ads is the least trusted form of Advertising. So that the prudent way of limiting the advertising is for restricted the increasing bounce rate.
    • Outdated Plugins: Flash files are very common in websites. But it is no longer as useful as before due to its continually install updates to this plugin and it effects irk many people. So the time is rife to say good bye to flash plugins. Instead you can use HTML5 for your animation and videos. Switch off auto-play as it gets cantankerous.
    • Poor Navigation Structure: Digital marketing is nothing but a user experience. People are very reluctant to surf hours in your website in order to find out what they need. Poor navigational structure effects your SEO. The content ought to be as user-friendly as possible so that it is easier for user to find their product or buying in a simple steps. Remember the “3 click rule” which helps user to make purchase in no more than 3 clicks since opening the website.
    • Your offer isn’t clear: It is of paramount importance to have a clear understanding what users are paying for. An example of Apple advertisement in regard of the product helps us to understand the objective of the advertisement. Apple is more keen to highlight the benefits of the product rather than the features of the device.
    • Slow Loading: Load time consideration is considered to be crucial for online store’s performance. Approx 40% of visitors will abandon your website if it takes time more than 3 seconds. Waiting for every bit of second will gradually diminish their satisfaction level by 16%. So the moral is never compromise with slow load time rather pay attention to faster load time.
    • Lack of personality: It is the common tendency of the people to view testimonial of users behind your website. If it does not there is a chance that visitors will leave your website thereby severely hampering the conversion rates. Let’s say your are selling cloths,it will be a good idea to show that other people donning them. It may happen that you put on an image of manager in the website. If required they may contact with them.
    • Obtrusive Requirements: Generally people dislike in providing too much personal information online. So you should not coaxing them to do that. Strict registration kills the conversion rate. Therefor, you ought to provide pertinent information that you can utilize.
    • No exit intent technology: People prefer Back-button so that they can regain attention of potential buyers and not let them leave. Make full use of the visitors mouse movement tools. As you find out that they are on the verge of leaving from the website, present a special attractive offer to keep them stay in the website.