Magento Audit – Magento Code Review

Are you in need of Magento Code Audit?

A code audit is nothing but in-depth analysis with a comprehensive overview of the state of your store’s code quality and database that generates incisive information. Taking cue from extracted information, Indian Magento Experts and clients can make decision for next course of action.

Magento technical Audit is very important consideration not only for new partners who aren’t looking to re platform but also would like to make improvements to their current site.

To put the thing in proper prospective let us take an analogy to decipher the importance of maintenance web site on a regular basis. In order to have seamless functionality of your car you need to check-up your car very often. In the light of that despite having smooth flow of your Magento solution provider, it is absolutely must to have feedback from a fresh pair of eyes.

After having in depth Magento code review, we will scan through your online store and in this way we identify major technical flaws. Indian Magento Experts mends identified technical glitches and thereby helping you to grow and scale the business without hitches.

Have you encounter the following complaints in Magento?
  • System crash under heavy load
  • Persistent upgrade malfunction
  • High maintenance cost
  • Difficulty implementing new features
  • Code architecture violations
  • Complaints about interactivity

This kind of situation generally generates lot of tensions to you. Do not worry, we are there to help you to come out of the wood. We designed our Magento Health Check engine through which we troubleshoot Magento site issues, leaving you with a healthy, unbridled platform. In the same vein your Magento platform needs periodic check-up. We will chalk out the loose ends and restore it with the help of tools provided to you so that you get the desired functionality. Moreover we demonstrate preventive measures and thereby ensuring optimal performance.

The entire procedure is to address deep-rooted anomalies coupled with surface elements and is designed to cost effectively minimize downtime.

Why Choose Indian Magento Experts?

We are quite expert in getting rid of trouble code or architectural flaws. We have been associated with Magento since its inception. We are well versed in regard of comprehending long-term business stability. Ours in depth analysis and host of diagnostic test will ensure trouble free Magento.

As a Magento System Integrator with numerous Magento expert developers, we rescue it from being irreparable damage due to our outstanding capability to diagnose any bugs, incompatibilities or misconfiguration.

How it Works

In order to have incisive analysis without vexing your regular store, we start duplicating your store to our development environment. We examine your code for three most critical areas like Architecture, Code Quality and Performance /UI and we process the raw results through a standardized scoring system. The finding will be depicted in an intuitive, graphic-rich format supported by practical resolution strategies and that too with Magento best practices. Having said so the Magento Health Check comprises over 30 sub-tests spanning the visible and deep-coded elements of your Magento platform.

What’s involved in a code audit?

The following steps run as below:

  • The website’s code is compared to the platform-specific core code. It’s usually against best practices to have anything modified in the core code, or else it will be difficult to upgrade to new versions of the platform.
  • The back-end team looks at modules and code to ensure that best practices are being followed.
  • Team reviews checkout and user registration flow to ensure that functionality is working properly.
  • Front-end team checks to make sure design themes are set up correctly and that the theme structure is verified and follows XML-specific best practices.
  • Front-end developers check that settings are enabled to combine CSS and JavaScript files to increase site optimization.
  • Team reviews the website across several different browsers to ensure consistency of layout and styles.
  • Code is reviewed to ensure that nothing has been modified that shouldn’t have been, and to give the team an idea of the modules that have been built and configured.

In the process of using Magento audit, we easily find out that something is modified in code base. If the changes have been made to the core file, we jot it down the changes and later provide the information to the client. This is beneficial for clients who are planning to upgrade to a newer version of their current platform.

We briefly state to the clients about the modules and their functionality. This is purely on the part of the client to understand the structure of their site due to lack of information in regard of each module from previous partner.

It ought to be imperative to follow certain best practice in front-end with respect to augmenting loading page speed in website. Our Magento Experts validates mentioned problems and helps to increase the performance. Generally this occurs due to combination of JavaScript, stylesheet, images sprites.

Moreover each audit will have high-level user experience along with recommendation on how to increase user interaction within the site.

What are the benefits and next steps?

We will submit a complete document to the client detailing their findings and recommendation for next steps on completion of code-audit. The audit reflects wide spectrum of the health of your current site which is undoubtedly the great means to have diagnosed the website. To push those information in the long run will surely have an effect of site improvements and optimization and serve as a great roadmap to get started on either sprint projects or managed services support.

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