Private sale / Flash sale in Magento

Indian Magento Experts offers you proven membership site in Magento community with customization including Private Sales, Events, Invitations and Rewards modules, Easy store management along with Magento-based site access permissions

Are you planning to offer products at a special price to a limited number of people? Then deny access to visitors, who are not registered or even block the registration option for a mass public. Easily create a VIP area on your website restricted to a visitor having an customer account. You can set a private area at website level or only for a particular category. Indian Magento Experts is the one stop solution for this kind of private flash sale website.

Magento Private sale site

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Please see standard private site features:

  • 1Landing page where users can submit username and password to become a member
  • 2Landing page with username and password authentication
  • 3Landing page with the ability to “like” the page
  • 4When a user forgets their password, they can click on a link and receive an email that includes a link to a page that allows them to reset their password.
  • 5Main page (once a user has logged in) showing graphics of various brands available for purchase, with countdown until offer has expired.
  • 6Main page with links to a “blog”, “my account”, “my credits”, “my cart”, “sign out”.
  • 7User clicking on a graphic of a brand on the Main page leads to a page displaying available inventory with:
    • a)a graphic of each product, a description of each product, the retail price of each product and the offered price of each product
    • b)the ability to “like” the brand
    • c)a countdown for how long the offer is remaining
  • 8A My Account page, should include user interests
    • a)Basic account information – name, email address, zipcode, birthday, gender,
    • b)Track orders
    • c)Change password
    • d)Change billing and shipping information
  • 9A My Credit page which would include a list of the people a user has invited to the site and would show which people have accepted or not accepted the user’s invitation. The page should also show how much account credit the user has.
  • 10My Cart page would show what items a user has in their cart and the total amount the user is planning to purchase.
  • 11Sign out functionality, allows the user to sign out
  • 12Users have the ability to click on a button on every page titled “Send Invite”, this pulls up a page that prompts users to enter a list of email addresses and send a pre-written message that can be edited by users. The site database needs to track if one of these “invited users” signs up. When an “invited user” signs up, the site gives a $10 credit to the user that invited them. The credit needs to appear in the “My Credit” section and when users purchase goods and are checking out, users should be given the option to use a user determined $ value of the credit they have outstanding.
  • 13At the bottom of every page should be a series of links to static pages including
    • a)Company – about us, contact us, careers, FAQ
    • b)My Account – profile, orders, password, invite
    • c)Support – privacy policy, terms of service, member support
    • d)Shipping & Returns – shipping policy, returns
  • 14At the top of every page should be a link to a “member support” button that takes users to a page listing their various support options
  • 15Shopping cart and check-out functionality, including the ability to enter coupon codes and the ability to accept primary means of payment (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • 16Admin functionality including the ability to
    • a) Upload and arrange graphics on the Main user page
    • b)Upload and arrange graphics and determine product descriptions/prices/sizing on the inventory page
    • c)View user profiles (ex. password) and export into .xml the following data arranged in columns – user, zipcode, birthdate, gender, interests, people invited, people who accepted the invitation, for each order the date, content and value, and total value of products ordered over time

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