Magento Marketplace

Nowadays every store and shop vendor require a market place for their business. Indian Magento Experts make this process very easy and flexible by providing all possible e-commerce services. We develop a suitable marketplace where a vendor can sell their own products.
Indian Magento Experts provide the functionality through which your vendor/seller/partner, can add their product, update their product and manage their product etc. We convert your magento store into an ebay type of store. Customers who own a store can upload and sell their own merchandise.

The standard marketplace website features are as follows:

  • The landing page is provided with username and password authentication as well as a “like” option on the page.
  • Third-party suppliers are available and automatically route orders to the optimal supplier.
  • Unified catalogue and assistance with your catalogue creation.
  • Manage multi-vendor marketplaces easily by facilitating communication and the marketplace owner is provided with useful tools to sell a unified catalogue.
  • Each supplier is provided with their own seller dashboard from where they can manage their own inventory and orders directly.
  • Offer your customers complimentary products and upsell / cross sell more items by offering customers a wider selection of products, brands and suppliers.
  • Easily test new products, suppliers and receive consistent, standardized product information from diverse suppliers.
  • Provision of single basket, data ownership, accurate product matching and standardized classification.
  • Up-to-date inventory with limited backorders.
  • Custom branding and end to end customer experience is provided.
  • Clients can take advantage of Magento’s nifty store features and benefit from the integration between their wholesale suppliers’ catalogues and their product details in Magento.

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