Magento Speed Optimization

Our team of skilled Magento experts will help you develop and maintain an optimized store with regards to front end and back end format.

A slow site causes slow sales, even a second’s delay in page load time can potentially cost you a lot in revenue. However, we can resolve all these issues with our Magento Optimization Complex Analysis which is conducted by our expert team who examine the magento core architecture.

The steps involved in this process are as follows:
  • Server Environment Check – Our expert team will examine the server environment and customize some of the parameters based on the requirements of your store.
  • Magento Setting Analysis – Problem areas are identified and remedial measures are undertaken.
  • Magento Code Optimization – Sometimes speed problems in a store arise due to conflict with third party modules. We resolve these issues.
  • Front end Optimization – Overload of javascript/css can cause websites to slow down, however we will ensure that this doesn’t happen.
  • Magento Profiling – Is an inbuilt tool that monitors performance parameters to identify the performance issues.
  • Database Performance – We improve database performance.

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