Magento REST API Integration

Business communities have been searching for a fast, reliable and secure way to integrate more business applications with the help of Magento. Magento REST API which is a part of the Magento Enterprise and Community fulfils this requirement. We at Indian Magento Experts help you incorporate Magento API integration into your Web application.

The various benefits of Magento Rest API Integration are:

  • Managing Customers
  • Managing Customers Addresses
  • Managing Products
  • Retrieving Sales Orders
  • Managing Inventory

REST API is a set of functions that helps developers implement requests and receive responses. This operation is carried out using HTTP Protocols. Magento API framework allows integrators and developers to use Magento web service which communicates with the Magento system.

REST API integration

Highlighting the resources which are supported in CE 1.9 as given below:

  • Products: This helps you create simple products, retrieve list of products and update or delete a product.
  • Product Websites: Enables you to retrieve the list of websites assigned to a product and assign a website to a product.
  • Customers: You can retrieve a list of customers and moreover you can create, delete or update a customer.
  • Customer Addresses: Get a list of customers, create, update and delete an address.
  • Inventory: You can view list of stock items and update a stock item.
  • Sales Orders: Helps you retrieve the list of sales orders and find out specific order information.
  • Sales Order Items : Allows you to retrieve the items for a specific order.
  • Sales Order Addresses: Helps you to get the billing and shipping addresses for an order.
  • Sales Order Comments: Allows you to retrieve comments for specific orders.
Magento API integration Service

Our Magento API Integration Service ensures that your online business is in sync with different aspects like accounting, inventory, shipping, taxes etc. Magento Integration has a better control over existing customer data and effectively manages online marketing campaigns. It minimizes redundancy data entry errors and effectively manages products and helps you make better business decisions. Our services have optimized existing business processes and assisted clients to keep a track on sales activities.

Payments Gateway, Increase in SEO Rankings, Advanced Reports and many other features are some of the benefits of our Magento API Integration Service.

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