Bitcoin integration in Magento

Bitcoin Integration In Magento

In order to get rid of fraudulent activities which is often the subject of concern in the internet payment gateways, hence Bitcoin integration is possible solution for mentioned malpractices.

The basic objective of Bitcoin is to secure and trusted transaction in a distributed network centric operation environment. It is the most trusted and reliable bitcoin checkout across the globe. Customers find it easy to check out with a single click,pay or tab,scan to pay without the need of accounts. In business despite the size of its (business) has accepted bitcoin payments from the customers irrespective of geographical boundaries. Our Indian Magento experts implements the Bitcoin payment module in a Magento checkout.

The following are some of the basic features of Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin Integration service
    Full currency support in Magento
  • Magento Bitcoin
    Schedule conversion rates updated is supported
  • Implement Bitcoin with Magento
    Required confirmations is configurable
  • Integrate Bitcoin payment in Magento
    Fully configurable bitcoin parameters
  • Bitcoin Magento
    Http/https access to bitcoin
  • Add Bitcoin gateway with Magento store
    Generate a new bitcoin address everywhere