Magento Health Check

Are you confident that your Magento webshop is 100% effective?

You can check whether you could be getting more out of your Magento system with our Free Magento Health Check. Our technical experts will constantly monitor your online store and fix any vulnerabilities you may have, thereby enabling your business to flourish smoothly.

What is it?

The objective of this service is to find out the health of your Magento store with detailed guidelines for improvements and to provide required technical details (or assistance) to help your business grow.

Who is it for?

Organisations that have already installed and completed their Magento site and want to ensure the best / optimal performance before launching. This Free Magento Health Check is also for organisations who want to resolve performance issues and ensure maximum growth.

Is your Magento store healthy? Time for a Free checkup!

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  •  One Time Monthly
  • It is free checkup. We don't need your credit card information.

Magento Health Check scans for the following issues

  • Security Patch 5994 (Admin Disclusure)
  • Secruity Patch 5344 (Shoplift)
  • Secruity Patch 6285 (XSS, RSS)
  • Secruity Patch 6482 (XSS)
  • Secruity Patch 6788 (Secrets Leak)
  • Credit Cart Hijack
  • Cacheleak Vulnerability
  • Unprotected Development Files
  • SSL Certificate Check
  • Ransomware
  • Gurulnc Javascript Hack
  • Outdated Magento Version
  • Unprotected Version Control
  • Unmaintained Server
  • Default / Admin Location
  • Unprotected Version Control
  • Unprotected Magmi


  • Gain the confidence that your site can scale and handle the load during your peak times
  • Incisive indepth analysis of your site to unearth potential barriers and main causes
  • Find out impactful new technology to enhance performance of your site
  • Unique IME recommendations for faster page response times, optimized queries, optimized resource utilization, and scalability
  • Load testing including graphs and data from New IME
  • Help you to understand thoroughly the key vulnerabilities and potential bottlenecks

Boosting your eCommerce business to new heights!

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